About Us

Unitedmindsaib is a place to share the thoughts and insights of Psychetogether. Psychetogether is an initiative with the purpose of educating, inspiring, and connecting people to their own natural power. The power within. Please click here to see our main website.

This blogsite will find pragmatic ways of explaining complex psychological, spiritual, and philosophical terms that assist the public in better understanding themselves. We aim to raise your level of emotional intelligence and self-awareness, so that when you face the struggles of life you are better equipped to handle it and grow through this experience.

Another aim of this blog is to break the stigma of mental health. We want to bring to everyone’s attention to the fact that mental health is a universal topic. We all most likely know somebody who has a mental illness, but shockingly a lot of people are afraid to speak out and therefore suffer in silence. Hence, we want to help these people to understand that they do not need to hide their pain. First stage of recovery is acceptance, through accepting our pain we can rise together.

Please take your time to look through the posts we share on the right hand side. You have the option of subscribing so that you get a notification every time we post new content.

We also want to show our appreciation to Joshua Chisambo who is an active asset to our cause. For further details on what he does click here.


14 thoughts on “About Us

    1. You’re welcome Artemis, I am glad to see you acknowledge and appreciate our vision!! Have you had a chance to look at our blogs? You can find them in the menu, I will be uploading each week. Hope you have a great day 🙂

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